You needed it. Google Chrome now has an important feature for those who like to open many tabs

You needed it. Google Chrome now has an important feature for those who like to open many tabs

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Google Chrome received a significant update (Photo:

Google Chrome web browser has a new tab synchronization feature. Now they can be conveniently and quickly grouped and viewed on different devices.

The browser's tab grouping feature allows you to organize related pages under one title and apply an accent color to them.. Grouped tabs can be seen at the top of the screen.

An updated version of Google Chrome will allow you to use this feature on multiple devices at once. However, this does not yet apply to Chrome for mobile devices.

«Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to save groups of tabs in Chrome on the desktop so you can access them on other desktop devices and easily back up your projects,» Google said in a blog post.

Chrome's new tab grouping feature / Photo: Google

Now, when right-clicking on a group of Chrome tabs, the user will see a new switch « Save Group». Once enabled, the selected tab collection will be indicated by a round sync icon. Saved groups of tabs will appear on the left side of the bookmarks bar on all PCs where the user is logged into their Google account. When you click on a group of tabs, as before, all saved pages will open at once. When one of the tabs is closed, it will also disappear from the group on the other device.

Google added a tab grouping feature to the Chrome browser, which helps organize work with multiple sites at the same time, back in 2020. NV Techno talked about this and other little-known functions that make browsing more efficient.

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