A fan took the referee's seat in a Bundesliga match

In the match of the 19th round of the Bundesliga between Wolfsburg and Cologne, a curious moment occurred, Sky Sports writes.

Cologne defender Max Finkgrefe cleared the ball and accidentally hit side referee Torben Siever in the head.

He immediately fell, so paramedics rushed to help the 36-year-old man. They were quickly covered with blankets from the spectators, but, fortunately, Siever was able to leave the field himself.

The fourth referee of the match took the place of the linesman, but in order to continue the match a reserve referee was needed. The announcer was forced to turn to the stands for help.

And again luck. The 32-year-old sports director and goalkeeper of the regional league team Tobias Krull came to the match, he took the place of the referee and the match continued.

Earlier it was also reported that for the Bayern winger this tour ended with a serious injury.

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