A football player who called himself a Soviet machine gun played at the African Cup

On Tuesday, January 16, the Burkina Faso team defeated Mauritania in the first round of the African Cup of Nations.

Even their secret weapon, Abubakar Kamara, did not help the guests. The fact is that before the match the teams traditionally shared their starting lineups, and the application of the Mauritania national team could raise questions.

The fact is that the AK-47 was announced in the starting lineup. Al Jazeera striker Abubakar Kamara was listed under this pseudonym.

AK is obviously Abubakar Kamara, and 47 is presumably his number. However, the number of numbers in the national team is strictly limited, so Kamara played with number 27 on his back. In Al Jazeera, the forward has number 21.

Wearing the 47th number, the Mauritanian played only for Fulham; he belonged to the “Country Residents” from 2017 to 2021.

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