Hamilton: I don't think I'll want to continue being part of Formula 1 after I retire

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton shared his opinion about a possible retirement from Formula 1.

“I never said that the eighth title would be the end point for me. But I don’t know what awaits me after my Formula 1 career. I don’t think I’ll want to continue to be active in Formula 1, but we’ll see — never say never.

However, I cannot imagine that I will no longer pilot, but at the same time I will be in the pits. If I were in this position, I would think: “I could stay one more year (in Formula 1).”

So it would probably be better to take a year off and then decide if I want to come back.

This doesn’t surprise me because we see this happening more and more often with riders who decide to retire and then change their minds. Fernando Alonso returned, Michael Schumacher also returned,” Formula 1 quotes Hamilton as saying.