Holyfield gave a forecast for the Fury-Usyk fight

World boxing legend, heavyweight Evander Holyfield shared his thoughts and predictions about the fight for the title of absolute world champion Usyk-Fury. Boxing Social quotes him as saying:

«There are some things Fury doesn't do very well — he doesn't fight very well at close range, usually no one gets close enough to throw punches at him.. This will be seen when he fights Usyk.

Usik is a good fighter, he has fast hands. Usik can fight at close range, he can fight at long range, so you will see a big difference. To consistently win, you need to be a well-rounded fighter.

Most good referees will let you fight up close, you can't just grab a guy and hold him down like Fury does. He has such long arms that he can hit someone twice before he ends up in the clinch again.

Referees must remove glasses. The art of fighting is to fight in different positions,” Evander said.

Let us remember that Wilder previously spoke about a possible fight against Joshua.