Indiana leader admitted that basketball simulator helps him develop skills

The current generation of players is not shy to admit that they play the NBA 2K basketball simulator.

One of them is Indiana point guard Tyrese Haliburton.. But he went even further — the 23-year-old American told how the game helps him develop playing skills that he uses already on the floor.

«Honestly, most of my knowledge of the game comes from video games. When you play 2K and put the camera at such an angle that you can see everything in front of you, that's how I sometimes imagine everything during matches,» ClutchPoints quoted Haliburton as saying. .

«My biggest challenge right now is finding the balance between scoring and giving out assists. There's probably a world where I could realistically average 15 assists. There's a world where I can average 25 points. Well, I'm trying to find a combination of both.»

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In nine games this season, Tyrese Haliburton averaged 23.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 12.2 assists.. Indiana is third in the East with a 6-4 win record.

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