Mikhail Romanchuk – bronze medalist of the European Championship at a distance of 800 meters

Ukrainian swimmer Mikhail Romanchuk won a bronze medal at the 2023 European Championships taking place these days in Romanian Otopena .

At a distance of 800 meters freestyle, our athlete showed a time of 7:31.20 minutes , which allowed him to close the TOP 3 of the European championship.

Irishman Daniel Vifen won with a world record of 7:20.46 .

Let us remind you that this is already the second medal for Ukraine at the European Championships — on Thursday, December 7, Mikhail also won bronze in the 1500-meter freestyle swimming.

European Swimming Championships


800 m


1. Daniel Vifen (Ireland) – (7.20.46)

2. David Aubry (France) – (+9.86)

3. Mikhail Romanchuk (Ukraine) – (+10.74)