Nashiko is in the top 40 in the Ruhpolding sprint. CS results in biathlon

Today in Ruhpolding, Germany, the men's sprint took place at the fifth stage of the Biathlon World Cup. Five athletes from the Ukrainian national team took part in the competition.

The best time among Ukrainians was demonstrated by Denis Nasyko. He finished 38th and was the only one to finish in the end zone. Taras Lesyuk was one place short of points, taking 41st position. Vitaly Mandzin and Artem Tishchenko took 53rd and 59th results, respectively. Anton Dudchenko did not make it into the pursuit race — 70th place.

The Norwegian Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen won the sprint.

The men's pursuit race in Ruhpolding will take place on Sunday, January 14th. The competition starts at 15:45 Kyiv time.

World Cup. Ruhpolding — men's sprint
1. Vetle Christiansen (Norway, 0+0) 22:27.2 minutes
2. Tommaso Giacomel (Italy, 1+0) +16.9
3. Tarjei Boe (Norway, 0+0) +20.1

39. Denis Nasiko (Ukraine, 0+0) +1:39.1
41.Taras Lesyuk (Ukraine, 0+1) +1:41.9
53. Vitaly Mandzin (Ukraine, 0+2) +1:54.7
59. Artem Tishchenko (Ukraine, 0+1) +2:01.7
70. Anton Dudchenko (Ukraine, 2+0) +2:16.9