Ronen Ginzburg: This is a wonderful victory for the club, for Ukraine

Prometheus head coach Ronen Ginzburg commented on the victory over Joventut in the Eurocup match.

— It was a great game for us. First of all, a wonderful atmosphere, even when we were losing -13, -14, the fans continued to shout and support us. I hope the next game will also have a full arena here.

We showed character. We didn't give up. We changed some things in defense, we played with a small five, and it worked well today, I'm glad. Yes, it's all tactics, but in the end you need the character of the players so that no one gives up. Neither the players on the court, nor the players on the bench. Even when you lose most of the game, you still don't give up. We stopped them in the last quarter and only allowed them to score nine points.

I think this is a wonderful victory for the club, for Ukraine. We showed a thirst for victory.

There is still a month until the next match in the Eurocup. We need to keep fit. There is now a break for national team matches, many players will go to their national teams. And we won't have much time to prepare. Today we have increased confidence, but another month is a long time.

But the atmosphere was wonderful, the fans in the stands did not give up and passed this on to our players. Everyone gave 100%. And even in the first half, we played okay, but they hit a lot of three-pointers, although they usually don’t shoot them like that. But I'm happy.