Shawn Porter: Lomachenko has enough experience and skill to become an absolute world champion

Former US welterweight champion Shawn Porter spoke about the future fight for the IBF lightweight world title (up to 61.2 kg) between Vasily Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) and Australian George Kambosos (21-2, 10 KOs ).

Let us remind you that the fight is scheduled to take place in Australia on May 12.

“Even if Kambosos fights on his home soil, in Australia, I don’t think the fight will be made for him to win. I think this is a fight for Vasyl Lomachenko. Yes, it will be a little awkward for him to fight in Australia. Also, looking at everything that Lomachenko has done in his career, you will not promote Vasily any further. He's well into his 30s, he's done his rounds for championships and the like.. What's happening? I believe that there is a belt in boxing, it is open for him, just come and get it. In other words, this is a victory lap, a victory tour for Vasily, he will have only one fight or several more. But I don't see a long future ahead. I think it's a victory lap, and it's on Kambosos territory, and for the title. But I don't think this is the fight for Kambosos to make him the action-packed star he was 3 years ago again. This is simply a victory lap for Lomachenko. I think we'll all congratulate him on what he's doing and we won't expect much from Kambosos.»

“About the fact that Kambosos is higher in the rankings than Lomachenko, I will say the following. All these congresses of organizations, what are they doing there? They set a day for people to come and, in fact, make requests to raise their fighters in the rankings. Kambosos has proven himself superior to Vasiliy Lomachenko and they are fighting for the vacant IBF title. Some have called the IBF “disruptive” and “money driven.” And when we talk about the boxing world, you are always after the money, and they are the answer to everything questions. They are after the money — that's why the fight will take place in Australia.»

«I watched Lomachenko's last fight. He still has a lot left. I'll tell you about the fight against Kambosos. I expect Vasily to start slowly. I expect Kambosos to win some early rounds. I expect that in the end Vasily will take control of the fight and win. I've already seen it in his game. Vasily starts off slowly, he really doesn't have everything he had before. And these are signs of wear and tear. He couldn't finish strong against Haney. He pulled out everything he thought he had, and in the end it turned out that there was none left in him. I think the emotions in the locker room were partly due to this. “I knew what I wanted and I just couldn't do it.” I hate seeing a fighter like this.»

«I'm ready to see him march. I'm sure this is a very surmountable battle for him. But when we talk about the future, we talk about Shakur Stevenson and fighters making names on other fighters, that’s not what I’m talking about. I'd rather watch him come back and let someone else get the bruises.»

«If his goal is to become an undisputed champion, he has enough experience, he has enough skill and enough everything. We could see that he still has enough fuel to do it. Of course, he fights not only against fighters, but and against time, but I am confident that he has enough strength to make it a reality.»