The four-time world champion expressed his admiration for Verstappen

Max Verstappen is known for his unapologetic style both on and off the track. The Dutchman does not hesitate to express dissatisfaction with this or that fact. Particularly indicative was the debut Grand Prix of Vegas, which was drowning in criticism before Sunday's race.

And although Max still changed his final opinion, four-time Formula 1 world champion Alain Prost really liked his straightforwardness.

«I really like him because he is a little different from others in the way he thinks and speaks. Even in Las Vegas he was focused on racing and winning,” Planet F1 quotes the Frenchman.

«People may like it or not, but you should at least recognize that you don't have to take the same approach. It's nice for me to see such a driver.»

«I was very pleased to hear him also say that he doesn't like sprint racing. At least he says what he thinks and is not afraid of political games. I like it».

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