The International Tennis Federation will announce a decision on Russians at the 2024 Olympics in May.

The President of the Russian Tennis Federation, Tarpishchev, announced when the International Tennis Federation will decide the issue of participation or non-participation of representatives of the aggressor country in the 2024 Olympics.

“Firstly, the IOC allowed it — but this does not mean that the international federations allowed it. The IOC gave the message that we can play as we played in Tokyo. But the decision is up to the international federations. For example, there will not be a single Russian in athletics. And we, tennis players, despite the qualifying rounds, made it to the Olympics in full force.

The final answer will be up to the International Tennis Federation, after Roland Garros in May. We must wait, there is no point in thinking now. We are conducting a dialogue with the international federation,” said the occupier.

Let us remember that Svitolina previously spoke about her priorities for the 2024 season.