TOP 20 best CS players of 2023 according to HLTV: ZywOo became the winner

Every year, the authoritative portal presents a ranking of the twenty best players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive based on the results of the past year.

Starting from December 27, January will publish the name of one player from the list, starting with 20th place. The final top three players in the world will be announced on the same day at a special event, the HLTV Award Show 2023 .

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TOP 20 best CS players of 2023

1. Mathieu «ZywOo» Erbo 2. Nikola «NiKo» Kovacs 3. Robin «ropz» Kool 4. Ilya mONESY Osipov 5. Lotan Spinx Giladi 6. Alvaro SunPayus Garcia 7. Alexander S1mple Kostylev 8. Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov 9. Martin stavn Lund 10. Helwijs broky Saukants 11. Nikolay device Reedtz 12. David frozen Chernansky 13. Nemanja huNter- Kovacs 14. Guy NertZ Ilyuz 15. Jakob jabbi Nygard 16. Benjamin BlameF Bremer 17. Emil Magisk Reif 18. Kasper cadiaN Meller 19. Kaike KSCERATO Serato 20. Russell Twistzz van Dulken

TOP 20 best CS:GO players of 2022:

Alexander s1mple Kostylev Matthew ZywOo Herbo Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov Sergey Ax1le Rykhtorov Nikola NiKo Kovacs Helwijs broky Saukants Ilya Monesy Osipov Robin ropz Kool Kaike kserato Serato Martin stavn Lund Russell Twistzz van Dulken Benjamin blameF Bremer Howard rain Nygaard Nemanja huNter Kovacs Marex YE KINDAR Galinskis Valeriy b1t Vakhovsky David frozen Chernansky Lotan Spinx Giladi Yuri yuurih Santos Jami Jame Ali

It was previously reported that NaVi and Monte were in the TOP 10 at the end of the year.