Wives of football players spoke anonymously about the problems of life in Saudi Arabia

Several wives of star football players from the Saudi league spoke about the difficulties of life in the Arab country.

They agreed to a similar interview for the Daily Mail on condition of strict anonymity.

According to them, most of the problems relate specifically to clothing.. They admitted that they were insulted, catcalled and even kicked out of public places because of their clothes.

«It's very difficult for women in Saudi Arabia, especially if the locals think you're dressed inappropriately.». Once I was yelled at just because my shoulders and part of my legs were visible.

We are not allowed to wear shorts in public, no matter how hot it is.. Even on the beach. And if you do, people will look at you with hatred.. It can be very scary,” one of them admitted.

“I was not allowed into shopping centers only because my arms and shoulders were not covered, part of my chest could be seen because I was wearing a vest. I was told to come back when I was properly dressed.. Sometimes women shout insults and it can be very scary,” said another.

They also all admitted that because of this they are forced to spend most of their time at home, as if in prison. They believe that they are paying quite a high price for their husbands' fantastic salaries.

Earlier it was also reported that another ex-star would move to Saudi Arabia.

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