A legacy of harsh times. A huge medieval sword was found in Sweden

Legacy of harsh times. A huge medieval sword was found in Sweden

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Remains of a man with a huge sword (Photo: Cultural Environment of Halland)

In the central square of Halmstad, known as Lilla Torg, archaeologists have discovered a medieval grave containing the remains of a man more than 1.8 meters tall and armed with a sword more than 1.2 meters long.

As part of excavations carried out in the area, which was previously part of the Franciscan monastery of Sancta Annas, 49 graves were found, dating from the period from 1494 to 1531. However, one grave attracted the attention of researchers due to its uniqueness.. Inside it, archaeologists discovered the remains of a tall noble man, and next to him lay a long sword.

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An X-ray of the sword revealed inlays in the form of two crosses, probably made of precious metal.

Such artifacts are rare in medieval graves and indicate the high status of the deceased.

A grave containing a sword was discovered under the floor of the south nave of the Church of Sancta Annas, confirming that the church was used as a burial place for prominent figures.

This discovery provides new data on the religious and sociocultural history of Halmstad during the Middle Ages.