A trick for video lovers. iPhone 16 will get a new button with an unexpected function

Feature for video lovers. iPhone 16 will get a new button with an unexpected function

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iPhone 16 will have a new Capture button (Photo: MacRumors)

Apple is working on a new iPhone 16 smartphone, which will likely feature a new camera button.

Rumors that the iPhone 16 may get a new button, which will be located in the lower right side, have been circulating for several weeks. In particular, MacRumors wrote about the appearance of such changes in reviews of iPhone 16 prototypes.

Now it has finally become known what this button will be needed for.. In an article for Bloomberg, well-known insider Mark Gurman revealed that the iPhone 16 will receive « new dedicated button for shooting video». US iPhone models are expected to have this button in place of the mmWave antenna. ( models manufactured for the rest of the world do not have such an antenna).

The button, called Capture, is believed to be a capacitive button with haptic feedback rather than a mechanical button.. It will likely house a force sensor that can sense pressure. Perhaps it will work like this: if you press and hold Capture, it will automatically start recording video or open the camera — to take either a photo or a video.

It is predicted that the new button will appear on all smartphones in the iPhone 16 line, which will likely consist of four models.

Previously, NV Techno wrote that Apple technology reviewers often advise fans of the manufacturer to wait for the release of the iPhone 16, refraining from purchasing the iPhone 15. This is because the new model will receive a lot of new features, about which quite a lot is already known..

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