Apple told how it will entertain Vision Pro users — from football to 3D dinosaurs

Apple continues to draw attention to its Vision Pro augmented reality headset ahead of the start of pre-orders on January 19. This time, Apple talked about “ a number of revolutionary entertainment features ” that the new product will provide. Vision Pro users will be able to watch TV shows and movies from streaming services, be transported to stunning landscapes using Environments, and » enjoy entirely new spatial experiences that were never possible before

To create an immersive viewing experience, Vision Pro features a pair of micro-OLED displays with ultra-high resolution (23 million pixels), wide color gamut, high dynamic range and Dolby Vision support. The custom Apple R1 chip delivers images to each display every 12 milliseconds—8 times faster than blinking your eyes—and the Apple M2 chip delivers powerful CPU, GPU, and neural engine performance.

Apple noted that the Vision Pro headset will provide two hours of battery life in mixed mode, up to 2.5 hours of video playback and a whole day when connecting an external battery using a USB-C cable.

Apple also emphasizes that it took care of the sound of the new headset: “ Vision Pro sounds as good as it looks, thanks to the advanced Spatial Audio system (spatial audio), providing rich sound ”. Audio modules with pairs of speakers supporting Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio deliver spatial sound to each ear and also allow you to hear what is happening around the user. Sound ray tracing system analyzes the acoustic parameters of the user's surroundings to optimize sound. Users will also be able to use separate headphones paired with the headset.

With the Apple TV app, Vision Pro users can watch all the original Apple movies in the Apple TV+ package, as well as access MLS soccer broadcasts, and many other popular broadcasts. The Apple TV app for visionOS also includes a Cinema Environment feature that lets you turn any space into your own personal cinema.. Users can even choose their favorite seat in the hall or balcony, as well as in the first, middle or last row.

Users will also be able to download and stream TV shows, movies, sports and more using apps from leading streaming services including Disney+, ESPN, NBA, MLB, PGA Tour, Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi , Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, IMAX, TikTok and MUBI. Interestingly, streaming service application developers will be able to transfer the user to their own virtual space. For example, Disney+ can be watched in the El Capitan virtual theater in Hollywood; on the floor of fear from the cartoon “Monsters in the Big World”; at Marvel's Avengers Tower overlooking downtown Manhattan; in the cockpit of Luke Skywalker's landspeeder against the backdrop of sunset on the planet Tatooine from Star Wars. Users can also watch videos from third-party sites using Safari and other browsers.

Even more impressive entertainment for Apple Vision Pro users will be the ability to watch 3D movies. At launch, Apple will offer more than 150 3D films from the world's leading studios, including the recently released Avatar: The Way of Water, Dune, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

Users will be able to access 3D versions of eligible movies when they become available for rental or purchase in the Apple TV app, and those who own or have purchased movies with a 3D version will be able to access that version on Apple Vision Pro at no additional cost. Several streaming apps, including Disney+, will offer 3D versions of their new and popular films on Vision Pro from the start, and will also offer 3D versions of new releases at the same time as or shortly after their regular 2D releases.

Vision Pro users will also be able to enjoy Apple Immersive Video, a new entertainment format pioneered by Apple. This format features 3D 8K videos with a 180-degree viewing angle and spatial audio that transport viewers to the center of a place, moment or story.. At launch, users will be able to enjoy a selection of immersive movies and TV shows in the Apple TV app at no additional cost.. For example, you can immerse yourself in the rehearsal process of Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys, go on an exciting adventure with extreme athletes, visit the world's largest rhino sanctuary, and even learn about dinosaurs in breathtaking landscapes.

Finally, Apple mentioned the Encounter Dinosaurs app, which will come with Apple Vision Pro and allow you to interact with giant 3D reptiles. An application created in collaboration with Jon Favreau and inspired by his work on the Prehistoric Planet project. Users will find even more applications in the visionOS App Store, and a ton of games await them in Apple Arcade.