Arcane Season 2 'Nightmare' New Teaser Trailer Confirms Popular Fan Theory

Following a 15-second teaser from November, streaming giant Netflix has unveiled a «nightmare new look» for the second season of the animated League of Legends series Arcane.

Image source: Riot Games

Titled «First Look,» the new Arcane Season 2 teaser trailer spans 44 seconds and features mad chemist Singed in the middle of a blood transfusion.

The Zaun alchemist impatiently looks at his pocket watch and looks up at the ceiling, under which, as it turns out, a huge monster is suspended. The same scene, but from a different angle, flashed at the end of the first season.

The IGN portal noted that the new video seems to confirm a persistent fan theory about the fate of one of the characters in the first season. Further in the text there may be spoilers .

Fans believe that Vander, who dies in the first season, is none other than Warwick, a monster from the world of League of Legends, born as a result of “torturous experiments.”

Warwick will likely play a significant role in Arcane Season 2. How will Jinx and Vi react to their protector becoming a monster? Will the series reinvent Warwick? Viewers will get answers to these questions in a few months.

The second season of Arcane will be released on Netflix in November 2024.. The sequel will see the return of the main characters, including Vi, Jinx and Caitlin, as well as their voice actors.