At least one volunteered. Famous astronaut said he would fly to the moon on a SpaceX ship

At least one volunteered. Famous astronaut said he would fly to the moon on a SpaceX ship

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Starship may have at least one astronaut passenger (Photo: SpaceX)

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who has been in space three times, admitted that he would love to jump into the SpaceX Starship for a trip around the moon.

While traveling to the moon on SpaceX's spacecraft is still a distant prospect, Hadfield believes the Starship could be a great vehicle.

«I think there is a certain misconception that astronauts fly in spaceships. …It's not just a trip. This is the whole process by which we make the spacecraft safer for subsequent crews. … I would like to not only look at it (Starship — NV) and think about it, but also maybe someday be able to fly on it,” the first Canadian to perform a spacewalk said in an interview with

In response to a question about whether he agreed to fly to the Moon on Starship, the astronaut unequivocally stated: “Yes, absolutely.”

As you know, Musk's company plans to use its Starship spacecraft, which is still in a state of development and testing, to send crews to the Moon, Mars and other corners of space.

Starship's first flight beyond Earth orbit was to be the DearMoon mission, during which Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who bought himself a ticket on SpaceX's first tourist trip, would fly around the Moon and return to Earth with a selected crew. He said last month that the trip had now been postponed indefinitely.

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