Bethesda admitted that the developers are fixing Starfield slower than modders, but there is a reason for this

As developers at Bethesda Game Studios prepare to roll out regular updates for Starfield, fans are wondering why modders are up to the task of fixing the ambitious space RPG faster than its creators.. Bethesda has the answer to this question.

Image Source: Steam (idie970)

Bethesda was called to the dialogue by user wolfwings1 from the Reddit forum, who noted that the beta version of patch, released on Steam on January 18, includes fixes released by modders some time ago: “Don’t bother explaining why you spent four months fixing something that you probably already fixed modders?

Answered by Bethesda Softworks Community Manager Robert O'Neill, aka VaultOfDaedalus. According to him, official fixes and additions must go through a lengthy certification and localization process (especially for consoles).

“Also, because of [the reason stated above], fixes are best bundled into large, consolidated updates that target branch milestones rather than being released spontaneously. This also ensures that the build is more thoroughly tested when new code is put together,” O'Neill explained.

Modder projects like the Starfield Community Patch are improving the space RPG along with official updates. Since the days of Morrowind, fan patches have been recommended when installing the next RPG from Bethesda, and Starfield, it seems, will be no exception.