Buyers of the Apple Vision Pro headset will have a 25-minute conversation with the seller

Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset goes on sale in the US on February 2. It was previously reported that to select the correct size of headband and mask, Apple Store employees will scan customers’ faces. Now Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has spoken in more detail about how the device will be demonstrated and the selection of suitable accessories will take place.

Image source: Apple

According to Gurman, the process begins with an Apple Store employee scanning the customer's face using a special application to select the optimal size of the face pad, which will prevent light from penetrating under the headset.. He compares the process to setting up Face ID. For people who need vision-correcting lenses, Apple will scan the glasses they use with a special device to determine the appropriate lenses.. A store associate will then install one of the “hundreds” of available lenses and seals on the Vision Pro, and tell you how to use the device.

Gurman's post said the Vision Pro demo could last up to 25 minutes and include photos and videos, including 3D spatial images that can be captured on the iPhone 15 Pro. In addition to this, the buyer will be able to try the headset as a replacement for a computer or iPad, and also try to interact with third-party applications.

The process is long, although it appears that it will not be mandatory to purchase Vision Pro. This is due to the fact that you can purchase the new product on the Apple website. However, in this case, users will have to scan their face using their iPhone or iPad to ensure that the headset comes with the right size accessories. If it is necessary to install lenses, you will have to present the appropriate prescription and pay an additional $149.

The journalist notes that Apple has prepared an alternative headset strap after complaints that the standard strap begins to cause discomfort after 30 minutes of wearing the device. It is mentioned that the second strap option will not be available on demo devices. It is also known that Belkin has already prepared an additional clip for an external battery that is placed outside the Vision Pro.

The journalist also said that Apple does not expect high levels of demand for Vision Pro to continue for a long time.. Previously, there were reports that at the time of the start of sales, Apple would only have 80 thousand. headsets, and in total up to 500 thousand will hit the market within a year. copies of Vision Pro. Perhaps one of the reasons Apple doesn't expect strong demand is the Vision Pro's $3,500 price tag.

At the same time, Apple has plans to further develop the Vision Pro line. We are talking about the release of a second, cheaper version of the headset. Ultimately, Apple is expected to release AR glasses that will be little different from regular glasses.. When exactly this will happen is not specified, but most likely, a lot of time will pass before this moment.