Disappointment of the year? Starfield's Steam rating hits another low

Disappointment of the year? Starfield's Steam rating hits another low

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Starfield received a lot of negative reviews despite Bethesda's efforts (Photo: Starfield / Steam)

Despite Bethesda's efforts, the popularity of its new game Starfield continues to decline, and negative feedback from players is only increasing.

Back at the end of November the game had « mixed» rating on Steam and 69% positive user reviews. Over the past month, only 31% of Steam players rated the game positively, which dealt another blow to its overall rating.

Even though Bethesda shared ambitious plans to update Starfield, this did not improve public opinion of the game. Many disgruntled players compared it to two other popular current games — Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur's Gate 3 — highlighting Starfield's significant shortcomings as an RPG.

Starfield has been criticized in particular for the fact that it lacks « magic» that has always attracted fans of Bethesda games. Some players have argued that Starfield is nowhere near the immersive experience that older Bethesda games are known for.

This month Starfield Design Director Emil Pagliarulo in X ( Twitter) reacted sharply to criticism towards the game. He stated that players are out of touch with the realities of video game development and do not know how much effort it takes. The announcement only further soured the relationship between Bethesda and the gaming community.

Despite the obvious failure, Bethesda is not giving up on Starfield. According to GameRant, currently about 250 studio employees are still working on the game and promise to release regular updates for it in 2024.

Let us remind you that Starfield is the first new universe from Bethesda studio in a decade ( author of Skyrim and Fallout). The game was fully launched on September 6, 2023. The action-RPG about space travel became Bethesda's biggest release and attracted more than 10 million players in just two weeks since its release.. However, in the following weeks the popularity of the game declined. From a peak of 330 thousand concurrent players, Starfield has come to an average of 13 thousand daily players per month.

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