Entertainment for a fee. Musk's "rebellious" chatbot Grok was integrated into Twitter

Entertainment for a fee. Musk's «rebellious» chatbot Grok was integrated into Twitter

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Grok integrated into Twitter (Photo: [email protected]/Depositphotos)

The artificial intelligence chatbot Grok, developed by Elon Musk's new company xAI, can now be used by X users ( Twitter). True, not everything is for a fee.

Grok is now available to X Premium Plus customers in the United States. This subscription package also provides ad-free access to the platform. According to X, long-time subscribers will receive priority access to Grok, and the chatbot's full rollout in the country will be completed next week.

“You can find Grok in the side menu on the web, iOS and Android ( application must be updated). On iOS and Android, it can be added to the bottom menu for easy access,” says X.

Grok currently only understands text, but xAI has stated that it intends to improve the basic model and add the ability to analyze video, audio and other modalities. As TechCrunch writes, Grok answers user questions based on a knowledge base similar to that used to train artificial intelligence models that run ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Grok is based on a generative model called Grok-1, which was trained on data from both the Internet ( until the third quarter of 2023), and on reviews of human assistants. Unlike other chatbots, Grok can also incorporate real-time data from X posts into its responses, allowing it to answer questions with the latest information. However, it is not yet clear how the chatbot selects information sources and how often it can produce false answers.

Grok is also distinguished by its « rebellious» character. He can joke, be ironic, or rudely criticize the user. Also, the chatbot has a specific manner of communication and does something that cannot be seen in ChatGPT or Bard — it uses unusual addresses to users ( for example, it calls the interlocutor « my dear human friend» or « mysterious anonymous»)

As NV Techno wrote, billionaire Elon Musk is seeking to raise $1 billion for the xAI company, created in the spring of 2023. Now xAI is working primarily on the AI chatbot Grok, which OpenAI CEO and former Musk partner Sam Altman criticized as « a boomer with a wicked sense of humor.»

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