Epic failure or elaborate deception? Russian studio released failed shooter The Day Before and closed

Epic failure or elaborate deception? Russian studio released failed shooter The Day Before and closed

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The Russian game The Day Before was a complete failure (Photo: Steam)

Founded by Russians, the Fntastic studio, registered in Singapore, released the failed zombie shooter The Day Before, and 4 days later announced its closure. During this time, hundreds of thousands of Steam users managed to purchase the unfinished game.

On December 7, after numerous delays, the Fntastic studio, owned by brothers from Yakutia Eduard and Aisen Gotovtsev, released the zombie shooter The Day Before, announced back in 2021. Just four days later, the studio announced it was closing, leaving gamers furious and waiting for refunds..

The game, created by a Russian studio, takes place after a deadly pandemic on the east coast of the United States.. The creators promised the players « a reimagined post-apocalyptic open-world survival MMO». However, the authors were unable to ensure the operation of a massively multiplayer online game. Additionally, The Day Before had numerous bugs. In a matter of days, the game collected more than 20 thousand reviews from players, of which only 15% were positive. Already on December 11, Fntastic announced that its game « suffered a financial failure» and the studio itself is closing. At the same time, promising trailers for the game were removed from the studio's YouTube channel.

“We did everything in our power, but unfortunately we miscalculated our capabilities,” Fntastic said in a post on X ( Twitter).

The studio also said that the future of its games is uncertain, but «the servers will work». Following this announcement, The Day Before has been removed from Steam's list of games available for purchase.. There is currently an announcement on Steam stating that this game with early access has not been finalized, and in the future it may or may not change significantly,” as well as advice to wait until « The game will not take on a more complete form.»

On December 12, an announcement appeared on Steam that « The game did not meet the expectations of most players» and the creators are working with Steam to begin refunds. According to the studio owners, before the closure, Fntastic managed to sell more than 200 thousand copies of this failed game.

Engadget notes that Steam typically offers refunds within 14 days of purchase to players who spend less than 2 hours in the game. However, in the case of The Day Before, it is likely that those who played longer will receive a refund.

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