Epic horror. PlayStation announced the release of a remake of Silent Hill 2

Epic horror. PlayStation announced the release of a remake of Silent Hill 2

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The remake of Silent Hill 2 will be released soon (Photo: PlayStation video screenshot / YouTube)

PlayStation has confirmed that a remake of the popular survival horror game Silent Hill 2 ( 2001) will be released later this year.

Silent Hill 2, which Sony calls a masterclass in psychological horror, recognized as the best in the series”, took pride of place in the selection of the most high-profile releases of 2024. However, for it, as for other games, no specific dates were announced.

“All titles submitted are scheduled for release in 2024 at time of publication. Release times for unpublished games may vary and may vary by region. Please contact the appropriate publisher for the latest information,” Sony said in the release.

Insider Gaming notes that, according to the latest Silent Hill 2 rumors, the game could be released in the first quarter of 2024. It is also known that Silent Hill 2 Remake will be available not only on PlayStation 5, but also on PC.


Recall that the original Silent Hill 2 from Team Silent was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001 and became the second game in the series of the same name. It was not a direct sequel to the first game, but both take place in a fictional universe — the resort town of Silent Hill in the northeastern part of the United States of America with a frightening atmosphere. The gameplay consists of solving riddles, finding necessary items, exploring locations, and confronting the main character and monsters.

In recent years, the Silent Hill universe has expanded significantly and, in addition to a dozen games, now includes various printed works and two feature films. In 2023, work began on the third film, Return to Silent Hill, which will be an adaptation of the 2001 video game.

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