Factory construction simulator Satisfactory will leave early access in 2024

Developers from the Coffee Stain studio together with Coffee Stain Publishing have revealed immediate plans to supply their factory construction simulator Satisfactory with content. All information was presented in a separate video.

Image Source: Coffee Stain Publishing

By the end of this year, the simulator should leave early access, in which it has been since 2019. In the video posted, community manager Snutt Treptow also said that the early version of Satisfactory will no longer receive major updates.

The Coffee Stain representative did not disclose the contents of update 1.0, but made it clear that the team is preparing a whole series of explanatory videos about this. Snatt Treptow promised that the final version of Satisfactory will have fixes for “some long-standing problems” and a full story ending.

Satisfactory went into early access on March 23, 2019 in the Epic Games Store, and on June 8, 2020, an early version was released on Steam. A few months ago, the simulator was transferred to the Unreal Engine 5.