Finally. Threads now has a much-needed navigation tool

Finally. Threads now has a much-needed navigation tool

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Tags appeared in Threads (Photo: Threads / Threads)

The company began testing the feature in Australia last month, and it is now available to users worldwide. To add tags to a post, tap the # button in the Threads app or enter the # symbol using your keyboard. Then you can select a tag from the drop-down list or type your own unique. After publishing, the tag will turn into a button, which, when clicked, opens a search for messages with the same tag.. In this case, there will be no # symbol in the post, which distinguishes the platform from X ( Twitter).

“The ability to add topic tags to your posts is now available globally, so you can categorize your posts and make it easier for others to find and join the conversation. …We hope this design will focus tags on communities rather than hacker interactions, and keep Threads simple and easy to use. We’ll see how it goes,” Instagram boss Adam Mosseri wrote on Threads.

Meta hasn't given up on the idea of limiting the number of tags. You can only use one tag per post. The restrictions were introduced in order to prevent the spread of spam on the platform, since popular tags are often used to promote it.

At the same time, this move was widely criticized, since the restriction may not simplify, but rather complicate the search for posts on the platform dedicated to the same topic. For example, in cases where various tags with similar spellings are used for messages about one topic or one event.

Recall that Threads was launched in July 2023. In the first 48 hours of its existence, the social network from Meta, which operates in a similar way to X, attracted 80 million users, breaking the record set by the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. Already in the first week, the service’s popularity began to plummet, but recently the number of daily downloads to Threads has increased again.

Over these months, the platform has undergone significant changes. In particular, for a long time, users could not delete their pages in Threads without deleting the Instagram accounts through which authorization took place. As NV wrote, this opportunity appeared in November. A web version was also launched ( both for PC and mobile devices).

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