Is this already Whatsagram? WhatsApp gets a new feature similar to Instagram stories

Is this already Whatsagram? WhatsApp gets a new feature similar to Instagram stories

December 26, 23:05 Share:

WhatsApp status updates have changed (Photo: antonbe/Pixabay)

In the latest beta version of the WhatsApp messenger, the interface for distributing messages from channels in “Status” has been updated.

After several months of work, WhatsApp launched channels. Although they have been available since mid-year, the platform continues to customize their use by adding new features for users.

One of them was noticed in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android According to WABetaInfo, this version added the ability to forward messages from channels to “Status” ( analogous to Instagram stories). Similar to Instagram Stories, users can go directly to the original posts on channels by tapping on them in someone's status.

New WhatsApp feature / Photo: WABetaInfo

NV Techno wrote, WhatsApp channels are a tool for one-way sending of text, photos, videos, etc.. d. — appeared on the platform in July this year. These channels have a number of differences from the channels introduced and widespread much earlier in Telegram. For example, history in WhatsApp channels is only saved for 30 days.

The day before, the platform introduced tools that allow you to report malicious content published in channels and messages that may violate platform policies. To do this, tap the three dots icon in the top right corner and select « To report».

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