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Today, the success of businesses and influencers depends most on their online presence, which in turn requires changing strategies, finding tools and approaches to building it. In this context, the service changes the digital rules of the game and acts as a powerful tool for business development, expansion and actualization; creates new opportunities for influencers looking for an effective way to share their content, increase authority and attract more active audiences. Convenience of social network management, centralized control over links, deep analytics, global influence and monetization are just some of the advantages provided by .

With 4 million users , has been revolutionizing the way social media links are created and managed worldwide, offering unique features such as advertising and e-commerce tools. At the same time, we are happy to become more active players in the Ukrainian market. It is nice to see how the percentage of Ukrainian users is constantly growing. Among the famous users of in Ukraine: the non-profit organization Razom for Ukraine, the charitable foundation «Tabletochki», the educational platform Prometheus, the garbage sorting station «Ukraine without garbage», the platform, the online media «Cvídomi», the music media «Cluhach «, the band «Druha Rika» and many others «. — notes Anastasia Yevsyukova, Head of Business Development at

What is the advantage of is a next-generation link management platform that offers tools for social monetization: instant payment, AI-based analytics, advertising opportunities, NFTs, crypto-links and more. The platform allows you to build, customize, analyze, integrate, sell and monetize with just one link. is a globally accessible service with an active customer base of over 4+ million from 95 countries worldwide (as of press time) and is one of the most visited websites in the world, attracting over 250 million monthly visitors.

It is worth noting that the platform was created in 2021 in Sydney (Australia) by entrepreneurs with Ukrainian roots Olga Oleynikova and Kyril Medvedev. However, the ratio of 77% of team members from Ukraine gives the right to call the service a Ukrainian innovative product.

Uniqueness> aims to help everyone earn money on social networks — without unnecessary difficulties, efficiently and sustainably. Therefore, the team in official partnership with Google developed and presented a unique earning function called AdSense. All the user needs to do is enable this feature on , he will get paid every time someone clicks on his relevant banner ad, which will appear immediately after the account is verified. For this, the account must meet certain criteria set by These criteria ensure that the platform maintains a high quality standard and helps users effectively monetize their online presence.

«At , we understand the importance of helping our users engage with their audience, promote content and maximize their revenue potential. In this context , is a kind of game changer. The platform equalizes the chances of earning for everyone and makes it possible to monetize content, regardless of the presence of a huge number of followers or connections with brands. In addition, this is our main competitive advantage over other services,» adds Anastasia Yevsyukova, Head of Business Development at

Anyone can calculate the approximate income using a special calculator. To do this, you only need to choose the appropriate social profile/business category and the region in which the user's audience is active. completely changes the approach to online presence, giving everyone today the opportunity to create a unique and profitable web profile. With its help, you can build your own personal brand page and make good money. Thanks to our innovative approach to creating a relevant service, we have the opportunity to change the digital rules of the game and influence the future of online presence on a global scale and in Ukraine, in particular.» — comments Anastasia Yevsyukova, Head of Business Development at