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The co-founder of the neobank monobank Oleg Horokhovskyi, who is an example for many, shared who is a role model for him in business and attitude to people.

«Changed the world for me»

The businessman explained that he considers the industrialist Kostyantyn Yefimenko to be his role model. He is the co-founder of Tribo, a manufacturer of brake products, and Biopharma, a pharmaceutical company.

«I love how he deeply understands and loves what he does. For me, this is an example of focus on work,» Horokhovsky noted.

He also named his wife. For him, she is an example of how to treat people who are really dear to you, empathy and the ability to provide comfort to loved ones.

If we talk about global business, then Steve Jobs is an example for Horokhovsky.

«He created a kind of religion that puts the client and his experience first. This is what Jobs changed the world for me,» the businessman concluded.

It's better than anything

Steve Jobs is credited with saying «I would trade all my technology to meet Socrates». Horokhovsky also shared what he would exchange his for.

«I understand how important it is for everyone, for our country and for my family. A person is most effective when nothing distracts him from what he is doing. Currently, the priority and focus should be on Ukraine winning. If your work distracts you from the war, quit your job,» said the co-founder of monobank.