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In the web version of Gmail, the button that allows you to quickly cancel the subscription to the newsletter has become much more visible.

In October, Google announced that it would require bulk email senders to include a one-click unsubscribe button in the body of emails they send. After that, the company updated the Gmail interface, making the «Unsubscribe» button much more prominent.

When opening emails in Gmail through a web browser, users now see a large blue button next to the sender's name. The blue button replaced the much more subtle version with gray font and underlining, introduced in 2014.

After clicking the «Cancel subscription» button, the user must confirm the action. Google will then cancel the subscription by sending an appropriate email from the user's email account.

There's also an even faster way to organize your emails. Unsubscribe button now available in inbox. It can be seen and clicked after hovering over a message with a newsletter.