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The Ministry of Defense constantly has vacancies for IT specialists, but still not all IT workers will be able to work with technologies. After all, someone has to be directly at the front. This was stated by CDTO of the Ministry of Defense Kateryna Chernogorenko.

Chernogorenko believes that the Ministry of Defense should become a «one-stop shop» for all IT products for the army.

That is, the military, who are directly engaged in military tasks, should come to the Ministry of Defense and give functional business requirements to the systems.

«We want to gather under our umbrella the best IT people who will be able to receive these business requirements from our servicemen and quickly deliver: both combat systems, and non-combat systems, and paperless. There is a lot of work,» she explained.

«Storming landings should be done by people who know how to storm landings «

The idea that no one wants to be shooters is a myth, Chernogorenko is convinced. After all, she has many friends who are ready to be shooters and defend Ukraine. However, adapting to the conditions on the front line will be more difficult for those who come from civilian life and do not have military combat skills.

«I believe that people who know how to storm landings and are motivated to do it should storm landings,» she added.

At the same time, Chernogorenko emphasized that she cannot influence the staffing process, but she can move people to work with IT systems.

«At the same time, we cannot involve all Ukrainians in IT work, because someone has to protect Ukraine at the front. However, we have to adapt to the needs. For example, if I need certain people now, I have to quickly take them away from the front and make them help implement IT products,» she explained.