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Last month, the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) held its first event — SUP IT DAY 2023. Head of the OLX customer service department in Ukraine and Central Asia. The main theme of the event was technologies that transform the business sphere. The interaction of different business environments, the state and IT has become an incentive to find practical cases that can interact and bring mutual benefit for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy.

Ihor Syrovatko presented the vision of the most successful implementation of automation and artificial intelligence for business, shared details about OLX's innovative approach to optimizing content moderation, handling user issues, as well as the use of artificial intelligence in the fight against cyber fraud.

According to analytical data, 2.6 million users sell their goods and services on the OLX platform, which is 14.5 million ads, of which 133 thousand. are published daily, more than 100 ads in 1 minute. All offers from users on the platform undergo a mandatory stage of pre-moderation. 95% of ads successfully pass through AI during pre-moderation, and only 5% require manual human moderation. In turn, the decisions made by people become the subject of machine learning to further improve the efficiency of AI work.

Also, OLX is improving its user service with an innovative approach, combining AI and deep integration of customer support with its own user community.

«In partnership with the Guuru company, we created a community customer support model similar to the concept of «uber for customer support», where OLX users have the opportunity to process customer requests to the OLX support service at a convenient time, earning from it. We also implemented Artificial Intelligence in the analysis of users' text messages in the chat to automatically distribute their questions. Simple tasks are processed by a smart bot, leading discussions and providing answers without the participation of humans, while more complex tasks are processed by agents of the Guuru service, and the most complex ones by the OLX support service,» says Ihor Syrovatko.

In addition, AI is actively used in the fight against cyber fraud, where by studying the behavior of fraudsters, building patterns and early identification, suspicious users are automatically blocked. These components help provide efficient and affordable service to OLX users with zero costs and 24/7 support.

«However, the most effective approach remains cooperation with people — educational initiatives, webinars and other educational events, even if this process is long. important That is, no matter how technically savvy your product is, the most effective protection against fraud is the digital literacy of your users.
From our experience of implementing digitization and artificial intelligence, it is clear that the combination of these technologies with human intelligence is optimal. This reinforces our main idea: «There are millions of faces in our history, because people on OLX are the best feature,» — concludes Ihor Syrovatko.