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This list includes the Newton PDA, a USB mouse and the Pippin console.

Quartz journalists listed the most unsuccessful products of the Apple company.

Top was led by the Newton pocket computer (PDC), which was «ahead of its time» but failed to sell and was canceled by Steve Jobs. Below was a puck-shaped USB mouse: «the design was simply terrible, and the shape could not have been less ergonomic». In third place was the Pippin console, which was ignored by game manufacturers and gamers.

Below are the Ping service — an analog of a social network for musicians, the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM), MacBook laptops with an unreliable «butterfly» keyboard, the Macintosh TV computer, the failed Apple III desktop computer, as well as canceled AirPower wireless charging.

In the end, the journalists chose the iPod Hi-Fi media center, the Macintosh Copland operating system and the powerful Power Mac G4 Cube computer.

«Some of these ill-fated devices were either poorly implemented or over-ambitious, but almost all of them influenced the devices Apple fans use today,» the authors concluded.