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The Dutch company Veon, which is the parent company of the mobile operator Kyivstar, plans to invest $1 billion in Ukraine within five years. This is reported by The Forbes.

First of all, investments will go to the restoration of the basic trunk network, data centers, fiber optic infrastructure. «These things will enable us to deploy 5G and open technologies in the country faster and more efficiently,» said Veon CEO Kaan Terzioglu.

However, it is currently unknown when exactly 5G from Kyivstar will appear in Ukraine. According to Terzioglu, the foundation for research and development has already begun to be laid with the help of international partnerships focused on Open RAN. In addition, the company is considering the launch of satellite communications.

«It is important to build the future of Ukrainian digital infrastructure with technologies open to growth. Not only 5G, but also satellite communication. That is why we are working with the OneWeb company in this direction. We also work with Rakuten in the field of open technologies. Another of our partners is Amazon Web Services,» said Kaan Terzioglu.

Earlier, in June 2023, the Veon company announced its intention to invest $600 million over 3 years to restore and develop the telecom network in Ukraine.