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The first salary is remembered for years. For some, because of the ridiculous (and at the same time sad) number of zeros, and for some — because of what it was spent on.

Ukrainian citizens decided to remember their first salary and what it was used for. Such a discussion was offered by the developer Dmytro Koshovyi on the social network X (Twitter).

«A set of knives for the kitchen, I think parents still use them,» shared Anton Shevchuk, Solution Architect and Team Lead.

«Sony walkman puzzle. The job was not in IT. When I started working at the helpdesk, I rented an apartment (a room). I don't remember when I started working as a developer, nothing special,» commented an iOS developer with the nickname alix ne.

» I bought winter clothes with my first salary as a programmer, as I remember now: you walk down the street and you feel warm. It's high,» wrote Vitaliy, a citizen of Aitiv.

«I paid off the monobank credit card,» wrote Yurchuk Bohdan, a resident of Aitiv.

«Living books on programming, I spent all my salary on them in the first years, when I opened a book bazaar in Petrivka in 2004-2007. It's like entering Santa's candy factory. It was a miracle for me, because there was no such thing in Mykolaiv,» wrote user X with the nickname Alien Max, Game Developer.

The discussion continued on the DOU forum. We add the most interesting comments.

Grilled chicken. Whole,» wrote manager Hanna Mazurkevich.

«Coke and snacks,» wrote iOS developer Stanislav Ryabiy.

«Flared jeans with flowers (120 UAH) and silver shoes with a pointed nose (also around 150 UAH). «Fashion from my profession» — wrote the developer Olena Sharovar.

«I took the girl to a cafe, just for almost the entire salary (250 UAH),» wrote Mykhailo Vlasenko, a resident of Aitiv.

«Big Tasty menu (never tasted Big Tasty before), rented a cheap apartment on Akademmistechka, 15 minutes from the subway. I sent the rest to my mother to pay off the debts,» shared developer Andrii Makovenko.

«Pants and sneakers. That's where the salary ended,» forum user Melnychenko wrote.

«The first purchase from the first payday is frozen vegetables and two glasses,» commented Margarita Ilinova.

«The gorgeous board game «Citadel». I still play and don't regret anything!» Dmytro Mamedbekov wrote.

«In 2009, I bought a Sony Ericsson phone for crazy money — almost a thousand hryvnias!» — said Oleksiy Ostapov, a resident of Aitiv.

«I bought jeans for my first salary. Because mine were already about 3-4 years old and they were the only ones,» shared tester Lada Yefimova.

«I received $100, a paper bill in an envelope. Spent to pay off the debt to «Ukrtelecom» in order to continue to have internet for 2 kopecks each. one minute after midnight. It was a long time ago,» shared Denys Sudilkovskyi, CBBO in LUN.