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Before publishing a game, the developer must indicate exactly how he used artificial intelligence in the process of creating the product. In turn, the company Valve, which owns Steam, checks the legality of the use of AI, and only after that the game receives permission to publish. In addition, the developer must implement mechanisms to prevent the generation of illegal content by artificial intelligence online if it is used in its product.

Steam is introducing some changes for developers that will allow them to release more games using AI technologies. For example, before submitting a game to Steam, developers must disclose what technologies were used to create the game and when it was launched. Some of this information will be made public on the game's Steam store page.

The use of AI-generated content in the game is divided into two categories:

pre-generated content. It's graphics, code, sound, or anything generated by AI during development. When distributing a game through Steam, the developer must ensure that their product does not contain content that infringes copyright or is illegal. Valve's AI-generated content will be tested before release; real-time generated content. In addition to following the rules for using pre-generated AI, developers need to implement safeguards against the generation of illegal content and report this in the survey. Players will be able to report illegal content through the in-game interface.

The exception is sexual content generated by artificial intelligence in real time. According to Steam, they are not ready to release such games at this time.