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OpenAI, developer of the ChatGPT chatbot, has launched the GPT Store, a marketplace for selling AI chatbots. The influx of users led to the load of the company's sites.

After a long delay, OpenAI launched the GPT Store project, which allows users to sell and distribute chatbots they have customized themselves.

OpenAI says that in the first quarter of 2024 there will also be a monetization program for creators. Authors from the United States of America will be the first to receive money for their GPT models. The terms of monetization have not yet been disclosed.

In addition, a new ChatGPT subscription, ChatGPT Team, was launched. ChatGPT Team costs $30 per month or $25 per month for an annual package. It offers access to the latest GPT-4 with a large context window (32,000 tokens) for longer queries, the latest DALLE 3 model for imaging. Also provides access to the desktop environment, including the administration console. Group subscription members can create their own GPTs and share them within the team. OpenAI also promises subscribers early access to new features and improvements, but did not disclose details.

Immediately after the launch of the GPT Store was announced, users began to report problems accessing the company's sites. Downdetector recorded reports of failures from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kyiv time. On the OpenAI support page, they called the incident a “maintenance issue” and reported on the underlying problem. The cause of the failures was not announced.

Let's remember that on November 6, OpenAI announced at its first developer conference that users will be able to start creating their own versions of ChatGPT without having to learn coding and make money from it. The launch of the marketplace was supposed to take place in December, but OpenAI postponed the launch of the GPT Store project due to the unstable situation in the company's management.