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Coca-Cola and Microsoft Corp. concluded a five-year strategic agreement aimed at accelerating the implementation of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). Together, they will use cutting-edge technology to improve Coca-Cola's operations.

Details of the agreement

As part of the partnership, Coca-Cola will invest $1.1 billion in Microsoft cloud services and generative AI capabilities. This is a significant increase from the original $250 million deal in 2020.

The companies will experiment together with new technologies such as Azure OpenAI Service. They will use this service to improve various business functions. One of the key areas will be testing the capabilities of the Copilot chatbot to improve employee productivity.

Coca-Cola has already transferred all its applications to Microsoft Azure cloud services. They have also been using artificial intelligence (AI) for a variety of tasks, such as marketing, manufacturing and logistics, for almost a year now.

Coca-Cola is currently exploring how to use AI assistants to improve customer service, the company's overall operations, and create new opportunities for growth.

Earlier, McDonald's announced a collaboration with Google to improve the operation of its establishments with the help of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence.