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Sooner or later, almost every user faces the problem when the smartphone starts to work with a noticeable slowdown. This can be manifested in the slowdown of applications and individual programs.

Experienced programmers advise not to delay if you see the first signs of slowing down your phone. To do this, you can try several effective independent life hacks, when you do not have to carry the phone for repair, informs with reference to Glavred.

What to do if the phone starts to slow down

If the phone starts to slow down noticeably, try one of the simple but effective methods.

try to clean the internal and RAM memory; a simple restart of your gadget may give the result; maybe it's time to delete all unnecessary files or move them to the memory card.

Why the phone is buggy and hangs

Several factors can affect the phone's poor performance. Among them, operating system updates may be incorrectly installed. Also, pay attention to the use of third-party, malicious software. Firmware failures can also harm the phone. If you can fix these problems, your phone will be able to run much faster.

What to do if the phone is running slowly

To speed up the phone, you can perform several simple actions:

try to clean the cache in applications and the browser; restart or reset the phone to factory settings; if these actions do not help, take the phone to a service center to clean it from viruses.

How to clean the phone so that it does not slow down

It is not uncommon to launch resource-intensive applications that create a load on the processor and RAM. Also, a short circuit can occur due to moisture getting under the case.

If you decide to do the prevention of your phone yourself, experienced programmers advise you to take several basic actions:

it is necessary to restart the device; it is important to install available updates; try to install lite versions of applications; also reduce the number of widgets.