It could have been worse. The head of Instagram told what they were going to call Threads before launch

It could be worse. The head of Instagram told what they were going to call Threads before launch

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It became known how Threads was almost called (Photo:rafapress/Depositphotos)

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, who also works on the Threads platform, explained what other titles were being considered for « Twitter killers».

According to Mosseri, Meta was considering a number of options for the name of its new platform focused on text messages.. At least two variations of the name for the project that eventually became Threads had the ending « -gram», which references Instagram but also sounds too similar to Telegram. Eventually the marketing team moved away from these options.

“Interesting fact: the second name for Threads, which very polarized [the team], was Epigram. The original name, which should never have been public, but a few people had a hard time giving it up, was Textagram,” Mosseri said.

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It's hard to gauge how much of an impact the name had on the service's popularity, but Threads, launched in 2023, attracted millions of users in its early days, beating the previous record holder, the AI chatbot ChatGPT.

And although in the first weeks after the launch the popularity of the service from Meta, proposed as an alternative to X ( Twitter), fell, now Threads continues to develop and expand its audience again.

The platform has undergone many changes in recent months. Now Threads can be used not only through the application, but also through the web version for PC and mobile devices. You can also now leave the social network without damaging your Instagram account, which is used to log in to the platform.

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