It couldn't have happened without dancing. Tesla showed the updated Optimus robot

Couldn't do without dancing. Tesla showed the updated robot Optimus

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Tesla has released a new version of the Optimus robot (Photo: Screenshot from Tesla video / X)

Elon Musk presented the Optimus concept in August 2021 at Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day. A year later, semi-functional Optimus prototypes were demonstrated at this event.. One of them could walk across the stage, and the other, more graceful version, could move his arms.

Today Optimus is already able to move freely, crouch and interact with fragile objects ( for example, with chicken eggs). Tesla claims that the updated robot is 10 kilograms lighter than the previous version, and its walking speed has increased by 30%. Tesla also changed the structure of the robot's feet and arms to improve balance and be more similar to human limbs.

To demonstrate the advanced humanoid robot, the company showed two copies of Optimus Gen 2 dancing ( albeit extremely slowly) to loud music.

As NV Techno wrote, Tesla founder Elon Musk claimed that these robots work on the basis of the most advanced artificial intelligence. According to the head of Tesla, Optimus, unlike existing humanoid robots, will « extremely capable» and will be produced in the millions.

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