Journalists showed how to play as a character in Dragon's Dogma II as "one of the most unique classes in open-world action RPGs"

The IGN portal, as part of its IGN First section, presented an exclusive video on Dragon's Dogma II with gameplay for the character of “one of the most unique classes in open-world action role-playing games.”

Image Source: Capcom

We are talking about a magician (Trickster) — an auxiliary specialization exclusive to the protagonist of Dragon's Dogma II. The censer available to a hero of this class causes almost no damage to enemies, but can create illusions.

A magician, for example, is able to summon a copy of himself, which will be attacked by enemies, or create an astral projection for reconnaissance of the area (in a state of trance, the hero is extremely vulnerable).

In addition, the magician can create the illusion of a stone wall or hard surface, impenetrable to enemies — a combination of skills that will make monsters literally throw themselves off cliffs.

Finally, the trickster’s arsenal includes the ability to create the image of a fire-breathing dragon that frightens enemies, as well as the ability to impose a temporary bonus to the damage dealt on allies.

An IGN writer calls the magician a kind of pacifist, whose playing style can be difficult to adapt to. The journalist was given only an hour to master the profession of an illusionist in Dragon's Dogma II.

Dragon's Dogma II is expected to release on March 22, 2024 on PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The project will cost $70, will receive text translation into Russian, Denuvo protection and ray tracing support.