Just don't cheat. Popular voice changer now works with Telegram

Just don't cheat. Popular voice changer now works with Telegram

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In Telegram you can now change your voice during calls (Photo: Pexels via pixabay)

The developer of voice changing programs Voicemod has released a modification for the Telegram messenger called VMgram: In Call Voice Changer.

Voicemod has long been mastered by Windows and macOS users. Most often, a program that allows you to change your voice to another one generated on the basis of artificial intelligence is used by video game streamers and Discord players. But now those who use Telegram for calls can also have fun.

The new VMgram application adds features to Telegram that are typical of Voicemod software: it allows you to create voice messages in the messenger and make audio calls with a modified voice. Ten effects are currently available ( including the effect of a damaged walkie-talkie and changing the voice to a child’s). A menu has also been added, which contains 150 thousand audio fragments from advertisements, films and speeches of politicians and stars that have become memes. They can be sent to your interlocutors as voice messages.

“Perfect for pranks, gaming pranks, or just surprising your friends,” explain the creators of VMgram.

The VMgram app is already available for Android and should be launched for iOS later. Data in the application is said to be transmitted in encrypted form.

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