“New Year’s gift to the boyars”: the developers of “Troubles” finally showed the gameplay, but just a little

The creators of the historical action role-playing game “The Troubles” from the Cyberia Nova studio kept their promise and prepared a “New Year’s gift to the boyars” by presenting a fresh development diary before the end of December.

Image source: Cyberia Nova

Let us remind you that they decided to divide the hotly anticipated showing of the gameplay of “The Troubles” into two development diaries: today’s one includes the influence of the image on quests and dialogues, moving through locations and interaction with factions.

The protagonist of “The Troubles” will be able to try on the images of a shish, a warrior, a mercenary and an archer, which affect not only the characteristics, available weapons and consumables (potions, poisons, etc.), but also the attitude of others and factions towards the hero. For example:

a warrior can resolve a tense situation with bandits peacefully, while a Sagittarius will have to fight in any case; in the Polish camp the only safe way would be a mercenary — all others would provoke a conflict.

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As for the locations, according to the game producer Andrey Belov, they were made spacious. Gamers will be able to step off the beaten path to seek their fortune (and treasure), for example, in the forest.

The Time of Troubles was replete with all kinds of treasures, “so the situation of “went into the forest and found a treasure” is quite realistic.”. However, instead of valuable loot in the forest, you can also stumble upon robbers or wild animals.

The video also showed excerpts of gameplay, but it turned out to be less than one might think. Viewers also complain about the clumsy combat system. The developers succinctly formulated the main complaints: “Not enough, not that, not that.”

“Troubles” is being created for VK Play, where it will be sold for 2015 rubles (1612 rubles for pre-order). The Russian Presidential Administration said that the game will be released in March, but the developers insist that the release will take place on February 26, 2024.