“Psychosis has never looked so fun”: the release of the Prisoner of Limbo add-on to Atomic Heart was celebrated with an insane trailer

As promised, on February 6, the release of “Trapped in Limbo” took place — the second story addition to the shooter Atomic Heart from the Mundfish studio. The premiere was accompanied by an insane gameplay trailer.

Image source: Mundfish

Let us remind you that “The Prisoner of Limbo” throws Major Nechaev (and the geese) into the surreal world of Limbo — a subconscious dimension with inverted logic, its own ecosystem and “new crazy gameplay” .

It was previously noted that in “Prisoner of Limbo” players will see a continuation of the story after the “long ending” of Atomic Heart — the “short” one was taken as the basis for the first addition, “Instinct of Extermination”.

Players in the role of Pushistov — Nechaev's alter ego — will have to uncover the secrets of Limbo, learn the major's past and try to free his mind. The incarnation of the Twin will help the hero with this.

They promise breathtaking challenges, fast-paced combat extravaganza, amazing enemies, collecting apples and gold coins to unlock skills, weapons and seven unique skins for them.

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Viewers of the Prisoner of Limbo release trailer (attached above) were pleased with the remix of the song “The January Blizzard is Ringing” and the general inadequacy of what was happening. “Psychosis has never looked so fun,” concluded Ronaldo-fk1bd.

The Prisoner of Limbo expansion was released on PC (Steam, VK Play in the CIS), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. In Russia, the addon is sold for 399 rubles, and is also part of the Atomic Pass set.