Memories lost forever? Sound disappeared from oldest Instagram videos

Memories lost forever? Sound disappeared from oldest Instagram videos

December 7, 00:30 Share:

The sound disappears in Instagram videos (Photo: Luke van Zyl/Unsplash)

Instagram allowed users to upload videos to their pages in 2013. And now a significant part of the first videos on the platform have lost their audio.

The issue likely occurred earlier this year, but the platform has not reported it officially. Numerous posts on Reddit indicate that users have been encountering the problem en masse throughout the year when they tried to play old videos of their loved ones, deceased pets, and long-grown children.

According to The Verge, it's difficult to determine exactly how widespread the problem is.. According to journalists' observations, the error affected videos published from June 2013, when Instagram first added videos to the platform, to October 2014. Affected videos containing audio now play with an error « videos have no sound» if you try to view them through Instagram ( both through the web version and through the application). At the same time, sound appears if you view this video embedded on any website.

Meta said they are aware of the problem and are trying to resolve it.. However, the company is not disclosing any details about the bug or providing a time frame for when it will be fixed.

“We know that a bug resulted in some people having trouble accessing audio in older feed posts. The problem is being resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience,” said Meta spokeswoman Sein Kim.

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