Now no one will know. Steam allows you to hide games you're ashamed of

Now no one will know. Steam allows you to hide games you're ashamed of

December 21, 23:02 Share:

New feature added to Steam (Photo: CC0 Public Domain/Maxpixel)

Steam has a new important privacy feature. Players can now hide information about the games they are playing from friends.

Valve has announced a new feature for Steam customers that allows players to choose whether certain games they buy and own are visible to other users on the platform.

“Starting today, users who have enabled the beta version of the Steam client will see a new version of the shopping cart when purchasing from the Steam store. These users will also be able to mark games in their library as private,” Steam said in a statement.

Customers can designate a game as private in the shopping cart, in the game list in the web browser, or through the Steam client itself. In addition to the ability to mark a game as private at checkout, the new beta version of the shopping cart also received two updates. The way to add gift games for multiple friends has changed. Also, the shopping cart has become common for all devices.

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