One day it will save you. Opera GX has added a “panic button” that hides all tabs in a second

One day it will save you. Opera GX has added a “panic button” that hides all tabs in a second

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A new feature has appeared in Opera GX (Photo: Opera)

In the Opera GX browser you can now configure panic button”, which, when pressed, will turn off the sound, collapse all tabs, and open a new one « innocent» window.

A recent Opera GX study conducted in the US and UK found that 36% of survey participants had viewed a variety of inappropriate content while studying or working. Most often it was social networks ( 61% of cases), materials for adults ( 58%), video games ( 51%), online shopping and dating websites ( 51 and 36% respectively). At the same time, many were exposed. 45% of those who did it at home were discovered by parents, family members or partners, and more than half of them ( 55%) after this a quarrel awaited. There were many who were exposed at work, and 22% of people were then threatened with dismissal.

Opera has found a solution for those who want to watch whatever their heart desires and not be afraid of being caught at home, work or school. To do this, in the GX browser you can turn F12 into a “panic button”, which will quickly hide from anyone who approaches the computer what exactly the user was doing.

“The panic button is a new feature that acts as an indispensable defense against curious observers and unexpected intruders.. The next time your boss suddenly returns early from lunch while you're streaming League of Legends tournaments, you can quickly press F12 and the panic button will activate. It will quickly turn off the sound, pause playback in all tabs and open a new window with completely soft, “safe” content, saving your secrets for another day. To return all tabs to their previous state, you just need to press the F12 button again,” reads the Opera blog post.

At the same time, what exactly will be The user can choose the safe tab” that will open after pressing F12.

“For example YouTube, Twitch or Wikipedia. You can also choose your own completely simple websites, such as tractor clubs, websites with baby animals,” the creators of the browser note.

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