Rich catch. During excavations in Egypt, many unique artifacts and burials were found

Rich catch. During excavations in Egypt, many unique artifacts and burials were found

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Mummy mask discovered by excavation team at Saqqara (Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Archaeological excavations in Egypt have led to the discovery of a series of tombs dating back approximately 1,800 to 4,800 years ago, according to Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities..

Excavations led by Dr. Nozomu Kawai of Kanazawa University revealed unique artifacts, including colorful mummy masks and a statue of the child god of silence.

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Researchers have discovered mummy masks believed to be from the Roman period. ( 29 BC. e. — 641 n. e.). In addition, a statue of Harpocrates, a Greek god represented in the guise of a child sitting astride a goose, was found. Goose symbolizes « an evil spirit subordinate to the Divine Child», as stated by Director Kawai.

A stele with an inscription was also discovered belonging to a man named « Geroides». In the past, nearby archaeologists discovered the grave of a noble woman named Demetria.

Excavations were carried out in the area of the eastern slope of the North Saqqara plateau. The oldest tombs at the site are approximately 4,800 years old, dating back to the Second Dynasty. However, archaeologists have also discovered burials associated with the 18th Dynasty, the Late Period, as well as Ptolemaic and Roman times.

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In one of the oldest tombs, an Egyptian alabaster slab dating to the Second Dynasty was discovered, along with the burial of a mummy in a wooden coffin box. The 18th Dynasty tomb contained a mummy.

Experts emphasize that conducting additional analyzes and providing additional information about the findings will allow more detailed conclusions to be drawn.

Excavations and study of the tombs continue.